Sana introduced pure Organic Henna without any chemicals containing Pure Organic Essential oils in Kashmir & She promotes the use or Organic henna Only. We never use Chemical-based local henna.

The design samples for any of the selected package can be shown if you’re interested 🙂

Discounts: The charges depend on the LENGTH AND INTRICACY of the design. If you wish to increase or decrease the heaviness of the design, charges would go accordingly. 

I take 5-8 hours for a full-fledged bridal as I never compromise on the quality of the work. For that, we need to start by 9-10 am positive as I intend to finish by 5 or 6 pm at most. 

I would like to have a separate workspace where there’s not much gathering. We don’t want to rush and spoil your henna. There could be some females but kindly have a separate workspace for us and not a hall or something like that. If you have photographers, we can allow them in Intervals to take some shots. Also, I would need to pick and drop from Baghat Barzullah and you have to make sure that some female is accompanying the driver. 

P.S: It might seem a bit much but being a girl, we need to think about it. 

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